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Gaming Laptops Vs Standard Laptops

January 09, 2012 1 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

It can be confusing when trying to purchase a laptop that fits in with your requirements and budget especially when it comes to manufacturers pushing you to buy their products. It does not have to be that complicated as buying a gaming laptop can be simple as you want it to be. You may be interested in a laptop because you want to work whilst on the move or is a replacement for a desktop computer.

This article will give you useful tips on securing the best gaming laptop. A gaming laptop will use performance based components to produce outstanding graphics. The type of games you buy will help you in deciding how much to spend on hardware components for the laptop. Another criteria to consider is future game releases as you want to make sure the laptop can handle these games as well.

Another consideration is your game play style as some gaming laptop may have too much power and performance for you to handle. The majority of standard laptops today are able to run many games as technology has become cheaper and far more advanced. Laptops can handle games such as World of Warcraft or games that have a good FPS and will also save you money in the long run.

The major different between gaming based laptops and your standard laptops is the hardware components inside the laptop. You can get a performance based laptop that 2GB of RAM with a decent graphics card, 250GB hard drive and Core 2 Duo processor at an affordable that can run most games. With a gaming laptop the hardware specifications should be a minimum of Quad Core processor with 4GB of RAM, 250GB+ hard drive or SSD (Solid State Drive) that offers the ability to play two or more games at once.

You need to look to see if the laptop can be upgraded in terms of its hardware components i.e. added in extra hard drives or replacing them, the maximum amount of RAM memory that can fit inside the laptop. You also need to look at seeing if these main components are interchangeable.

A warranty is essential must when buying a laptop due to the expensive hardware components inside the laptop.

When buying a gaming laptop, it is important to do research so that you do not end up with a laptop that does not meet specifications. The ideal place to look first is online as you can visit the manufacturers/retailers websites to see what kind of laptop they have in stock but also you can make comparisons between different laptops. Another area to look at is review sites and online forums as this will give you an idea as to what other people have said about the various laptops in terms of their performance.

In conclusion, the main differences between these devices are its components and how they perform to produce images on the screen whether it is from a standard laptop or a gaming laptop.

What to Do When Your Computer Crashes? - Registry Cleaner

January 08, 2012 0 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

What to do when your computer crashes is often the question that we ask ourselves, after you are working happily and all of a sudden the computer is no longer working. Could it be a virus, a spoilt windows system, a malware, power surge, conflict of the drivers or the machine has run out of memory? It could be one of those but it is very hard to figure out what it is when the processor is not functioning. Getting a top quality registry cleaner software can help solve this problem on PC quickly.

The first thing that one should do is reboot the machine. There are different ways to reboot the system. The first soft method is pressing Control, Alt and Delete keys at the same time. Press these keys and wait and see if it reboots. It should respond if it is reacting to the keyboard. This method is the safest as it does not allow the computer to spoil the windows registry or any other software. The only disadvantage is that you will lose the unsaved data.

Another method of rebooting the machine is using the power button to shut down. Its a straight forward method that may result in the damage of Windows and some software. The process is simple and it only requires one to push down the machine's power button. After the computer is turned off, then restart it. This may cause the windows file registry to be harmed and also any unsaved data is lost.

The last method is killing the power method. This is the least desirable way to reboot the system. This is because it can damage the processors software or hardware. When one is very careful, it reduces the risk of damaging the hard drive.

When you turn on the computer, it's time to boot up the Windows options. As soon as the machines starts rebooting, tap the F8 key on the keyboard. This is time now to repair the processor. If that is the first time to boot the system, then you can choose the "start windows normally" option. If not, then try the last known good configuration. This will be a follow up from the last successful start of Windows. There is no damage to the software or to the drivers.

Another option is trying to boot the Windows using safe networking mode. This mode uses some driver and devices of the system. The main role of using the safe method is to connect to the internet and then use the system restore. If it begins to reboot and the connection is established, then you should immediately use an online checker to identify if any malware is responsible.

While the structure is on safe mode, using system restore is the next best step. The "system restore" function usually saves any previous Windows registry in case of any happenings on your processor. Provided you allow the restore system to save all the registry versions, they can be easily reloaded and the machine starts working again.

One can also try using windows repair option that is usually on the advanced boot options. It is also recommended that one boots off the antivirus system. If all the options do not work, then you should consult a professional. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality registry cleaner software and would highly recommend it.

Step-By-Step Guide to Start Your Online Business

January 06, 2012 0 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

Sealing a deal and getting paid for your product is the ultimate aim when starting your online business. Without payments, any business is bound to fail. However, much has to be done to instill confidence in your clients before they are willing to take the step to make their payment even though they have decided to purchase your product.

Secure Payment Line

The top priority of all clients is the security of the payment line. Customers need a reliable payment mode without getting their credit card information stolen. A secure online payment arrangement will also safeguard your own interest without getting your credit account being hacked into and causing huge financial losses to your business.

Thus, you should find a web host that is able to provide you with a secure server even though it is likely that you have to pay an extra fee to your web host to allow your customers to submit their credit card and personal information to this secure server. Customers will know that they have entered a secured area when the security key is shown in the browser window.

Ease of Payment Mode

Online shoppers are often in a rush when making their purchases. As such, it is advisable to make your payment as simple as possible so that your clients can successful complete their transactions with a few clicks and in a matter of seconds. A complicated payment arrangement that confuses your customers may cause them to change their mind in buying your products.

Variety of Payment Options

You should also provide your customers with a range of payment choices such as paying by credit cards, cheque or direct transfer to your business account. This is to allow your customers the freedom to choose the best payment mode according to their preference.

a) Payment by MasterCard and Visa

You can now open a merchant account with a bank to become a credit card merchant so that your customers can make payments via their credit cards. Nowadays, there is no need to have a physical store in order to get your application approved. The approval process may take days or weeks and involves certain administrative charges.

Banks will typically charge a merchant application fee during the application. Transaction fees (normally 1-4 % of the transaction amounts) and monthly service charges are also payable.

b) Payment by American Express

You can apply online to be an American Express card merchant at their homepage if you wish to accept payments from American Express Card holders.

c) Payment via PayPal

As direct payment via an online payment service such as PayPal is becoming more frequent, you may also wish to accept credit card payments from similar payment service providers without having to apply a merchant account.

Transfer Credit Card Information

You need to transfer the credit card information to the banking system during a transaction.

You may choose to do it yourself in which you will require a point of sale software/terminal that is authorized to transmit data to the bank. The bank will then credit the amount into your business account within a few working days.

Alternatively, you may opt for automatic processing and engage an online payment gateway to process the transactions on your behalf and transfer the sum into your business account.

Other Useful Advise

a) Shopping Cart

It is recommended to install a virtual shopping cart on your website to provide ease of shopping by your customers. You should sign up with a web host that provides the shopping cart software as part of their service.

b) Information on Shipping Services

It is also advisable to provide links to shipping services in your website. These linked websites should list down the available shipping options, the cost of each option and estimated shipping timeline so that your customers can make an informed decision on the best shipping option.

In addition, you should highlight shipping services that allow tracking of shipping status to your customers so that they can be constantly updated.

c) Customer Service

After a transaction, you should provide a receipt for the purchase to safeguard your customers' interest. You should also verify credit card data by checking both the billing address/shipping address and alerting your customers if there is a discrepancy in the addresses to prevent fraudulent orders as part of your valued customer service.

How I Made Money Online Even Before Graduating

January 05, 2012 1 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

I was graduating from University in a few months, but with the U.S. and U.K. crisis it was practically impossible for me to enter the workforce due to the retrenchment of jobs.

Therefore, I told myself that I would give myself a chance and learn how to make money online. I forked out my life savings of about $1000 and took up courses on internet marketing that was available. Since I've made it online, I definitely want all of you to make it too.

I will teach you the steps to start earning money instantly on the internet.

1) Affiliate Marketing

A common misconception about internet marketing is that people have to own a product to start selling it online. Most people didn't know that we could actually affiliate with someone who owns a product and market their products to earn a commission.

There are actually millions of products out there that we can affiliate with and the commissions paid are usually very high. Just imagine the potential income that could be earned through affiliate marketing when we can promote unlimited amount of products.

2) Building subscribers

Traffic building is about getting people to view your product page, and if they are interested in your product, they will become your subscriber.

There are a lot of ways to build your subscriber list. One way is to create a squeeze page. When people are interested in your product, they can visit your squeeze page and become your subscriber by giving you their email address or by buying your product.

You can also blog about your product. It is also advisable that you include any other products that are related to the product you are promoting on your blog.

Another way is to create a video on your product. People are usually more interested in watching videos. Create an interesting video about the benefits of your product, link it to your product page and post it on Youtube.

Other than that, you can also have a detailed write-up on the product you plan to promote.

A fast way to build your subscriber list is to buy solo ads. Solo ads are buying other people's subscribers. This might not sound like a smart thing to do, but I have actually earned much more than I paid through solo ads.

There are many ways to earn money through the internet. It might not be easy at first, but always remember, persistence prevails when all else fails.

I have used all the tools learnt in INBOX CASH SYSTEM and made it in 7 DAYS TIME, it is time for you to start.

Learn the way I did paying less than $100 for it. It worked for me so it will definitely work for you too.

Use this system and see the results instantly! Watch it help you generate income even when you are sleeping! It only took me one month to earn back what the amount of money I spent on learning these tools!

Why Should You Study Web Programming?

January 03, 2012 1 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

So, why should you study web programming? The answer is simple. It sets you up to be able to learn how to master passive income streams that you can set up for yourself. Knowing some of these can be a great start towards being able to also expand your knowledge and horizons while you are "unemployed." This can be something that aids you in being able to get that job that you might not of thought about getting for yourself. Or it might lead you to a new client that needs to have something made but doesn't have the time to set it up like you can. Additionally, web programming can set you up for the Wordpress and iOS tutorials that are going to appear on this site in a few short months.

It does take a while though.....

However. Like all programming, programming for the web can take a while and is quite tedious for some people, even those that have been working on it for a while. That deters a lot of individuals that have worked with this as well. I've been frustrated too by how long some of these websites take to create and can find myself wanting to just rip something to shreds because of the frustration.

The trick that I found is to work just enough that you make progress and then go do something else for a period of time. That makes it a lot easier to be able to tolerate getting into the basics and also get some of the things done that you would like to get done for yourself.

And there are a lot of different languages........

Like human languages, there are a lot of different computer web programming languages:

  • Perl
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • VBScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ASP
  • XML
  • HTML

So, as you can see, there are a few languages that you can take from using these languages that are available for you to choose. That is something that works in your favor especially when it comes time to start specializing. For many people, they have found a way to use those extra languages that they know into great opportunities to be able to earn quite a bit more money for their web businesses and create numerous side incomes that might not have been possible before they learned those incomes. That is something that you might be able to use for yourself as well.

Tips for Choosing the Fastest Wireless N Router

January 02, 2012 0 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

If you're a serious gamer, you already know how important it is to choose the best equipment. When selecting a router, you want to stick with companies like Lanskys, Netgear, or D-Link which have built reputations for offering the most robust units you can buy. Maybe you think you can't afford one of these devices made by a top company, but have you ever considered buying your router secondhand? Plenty of people who are updating to newer models sell their old ones for nominal prices, and most of the ones offered for sale are still in like-new condition. There's no reason for you to have to accept some second-rate machine instead of the best.

Knowing what you're looking for in a router will help you make informed choices. A router basically connects two local area networks enabling you to access games on that network and allowing you to play against their best players. Decide on what requirements you want for your router. What kind of speed do you need? How many USB ports will you require to hook up your extras? What distance capabilities do you want? Once you've decided what you are looking for, you'll be able to check online to see which brands and models meet your qualifications. Then, if you don't like the price you're seeing, you can start looking for the same model used.

You will find that there are two basic types of wireless routers - a wireless G and a wireless N. The N models are considerably more expensive than the G models, because the N denotes extended signal range and strength. If you need these extensions, then you'll want to buy a router model denoted N. If you don't need them, you'll be able to save money buy purchasing a wireless G. Models that are considered the best in the N range include:

* Linkskys Wireless Gigabit N Router with Storage Link (WRT600N): This router is great for heavy networking usage as it has two antennas instead of one. This unit contains high-quality audio and video transfers, supports VoIP, and extends bandwidth by having double radio bands. Ports are also included which will allow you to connect it to hard disks or external flash drives.

* D-Link Wireless N router (DIR-615): You will find that D-Link offers reasonably-priced routers that have received many awards for excellence. The model referenced here costs about $40, has a 1-year warranty, up to 300 Mbps, and a signal strength up to an area of 1200 feet.

* Netgear Rangemax WNDR3700 Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router: This router is touted as having superior speed and performance with a speed of 600 Mbps. It includes USB ports for external storage and is an excellent choice for use with the Xbox 360 or for small business use. It costs around $150.

GPS Geotagging - Your Mobile Phone Has Many Uses

January 02, 2012 1 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

One of the great advances that GSP tracking has provided a mobile phone with, is the ability for geotagging. This is where you can provide information about a particular GPS co-ordinate, for example a restaurant, a pub or tourist attraction. It gives people the ability to personalise their own world, you can rate places, leave messages and put comments about the style of products, value for money or quality of service.

This means that if you are new to a neighbourhood you can benefit from local knowledge and find out where the best places to visit are and what to avoid. It places even more emphasis on companies to provide customers with a good service if they want to avoid negative ratings.

As more and more people become familiar with the concept of geotagging the better the quality of the information that is available. Many of the geotagging service providers are independent, so the opinions you read should be an unbiased view of what's on offer. GPS tracking allows your mobile to pinpoint your location and make suggestions for such things as accommodation, night spots out and great places to eat.

It is also useful for providing customers with accurate information if they are house hunting. By geotagging a property's GPS co-ordinates estate agents are able to leave details about price, locations and housing specifications. So interested people looking for a property can just enter their desired location and see what houses are for sale in that area.

Also a mobile phone with a GPS tracker is of great value when you are on holiday. Tourist Information centres and holiday attractions have not been slow in realising the value of GPS geotagging and you can find lots of tourist information available through mobile tourism apps. Putting in your GPS co-ordinates can give you a list of local attractions but also in many instances provide you with the history associated with the local castle or famous country manor you decide to visit.

GPS services have come a long way from the simple devices that everyone automatically thinks about when they think of mobile phone tracking. Such features as geotagging and geofencing allow you to leave information on your local area and find out exactly where there are great places to go when you visit somewhere else. It's less about James Bond secret espionage these days and more about entertainment for the night and a good meal.

Tips for Best Web Design

October 23, 2011 0 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

Keep navigation clear
Clear navigation is very important to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.
All the information on your site should be reachable within 1-3 clicks of the users' mouse, any more than 3 clicks and they will lose interest.

Keep content clear and concise
The way in which people read on the Internet is very different than other mediums; people tend only to scan the information in front of them to find what they are looking for.

Aim to reduce every A4 page of writing by half to put it on your website, get straight to the point and use a variety of formatting techniques such as bullet points.

Write interesting content
Spend more time writing for your audience, rather than for search engines, too much emphasis is placed on search engine optimisation.

Make your content interesting, make it sticky so that your audience is compelled to read and glue their eyes to your website, with good, well thought out content, you can win over your audience and it will naturally rank higher on search engines as a result.

Think about making your site interactive
There are many ways in which you can make your website interactive with calls to action, offer the opportunity for your audience to:

Offer the opportunity for your audience to follow you in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook

Include the 'like' button for Facebook users

Think about starting a blog on your website where people can leave comments and subscribe to your blogs

A forum can offer a place for people to talk to each other and for you to talk to your customers/ prospective customers.

Make sure you have a contact form for ease of contact for your prospective customers

Build your audiences trust first as very rarely people will buy from a website on their first visit.

How to Prevent Span Email

October 22, 2011 1 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

Create alternate email address when listing company, URL etc

As a small business owner or employee (depending on your job duties), you may find yourself giving out your email address for many different reasons. Signing up for: online seminars (webinars), newsletters, business directories, search engines or other products or services that capture your data, can become a BIG problem!

Most companies implement a "privacy policy", that usually states how your personal information will not be used to spam you, or to release your information to third parties. Unfortunately, many companies cannot be trusted to safeguard your data, and several companies forward your email address and name to many other third parties, greatly increasing the amount of spam that you will receive. Always use an alternate "throw-away" email address, to be used when registering for anything online; including subscriptions and reports. Creating and using an alternate email address will greatly help in preventing spam email in your business!

When registering a domain, get a "private registration" so no one can see your email address and contact info, to help prevent spam email.

Private registration for your domain name is a HUGE necessity, in your pursuit of preventing spam email. When you register a domain name, your contact information, or the contact information of the person who registered the site, can be displayed to the general public. In other words, a person could log onto a website such as the "Whois" directory (search it in your favorite engine), then enter your URL and your contact information will be displayed for all to see. Imagine a spammer's ability to go onto this or a similar website; find your REAL name, your REAL email address, and quickly start spamming the crap out of you!

By registering your domain under "private registration", your contact information will not be shown when a spammer decides to learn more about your company. It is important to keep in mind, that even though a private registration "hides" your contact information, there are ways for savvy spammers to circumvent this barrier of protection.

Turn spam inbox on "high" depending on the software you are using

One obvious but overlooked feature within most peoples' email software, is the "spam" or "filtering" option. Although the name of the spam filter varies depending on the company who created the software (or website), they all generally serve the same purpose. Having the spam filter set too low, can result in bucket loads of spam email creeping into your inbox. Having your junk filter set too high, can result in many of the emails that you actually want to receive, being marked as spam.

I personally recommend setting your filtering to "high", instead of low or moderate. This will catch most if not all spam, but will also capture many of your legitimate emails. You can create "rules" in your email settings, to allow email from certain domains (URLs) or certain names, to always go to your inbox. If your spam filter is either turned off, or turned to "low", you should definitely make the change needed today, to help in preventing spam email from flooding your inbox.

Try to refrain from creating "easy" email addresses such as one using the first letter of your first name and full last name

Spammers are clever and resourceful people more often than not. Let's pretend your first name and last name is listed on your company's website. If your name is John Smith, and the name is listed on your website, a spammer will try variations of your name such as: jsmith(at), or johnsmith(at), or john(at)

If any of those email addresses actually belong to YOU, guess who will be getting loads of spam to look forward to? Yes, YOU! Always remember to take in consideration the fact that spammers can "guess" your email address, whenever you create an email address, or have one create for your business or company. This will prove to be a very important step in preventing spam email from flooding your account!

Delete cookies from your internet browser daily (stored cookies can be tracked by spammers)

One highly unused tactic in the fight of preventing spam email, is changing your internet browser's "history" settings. When your internet browser stores cookies and files on your computer, websites load faster and many websites "remember" information that you may have submitted during your last visit to the website. History settings also allow an internet browser to store the websites that have been visited within the last hour, day, week, and even months.

Unfortunately, as convenient as it may seem to keep your history settings set to 30, 60 and 90 days, keeping cookies stored in your browser (on your computer) can actually cause the spam email that you receive to surge!

Believe it or not, cookies can be "read" by websites that you visit, spyware and adware installed on your computer and in other ways. Cookies contain information regarding your internet browsing habits as well as personal information that you may not want shared with the general online community; including: which sites were visited, how long each site was visited, the products/services/subject of the visited sites, and more

How To Make A Website Sell More

October 20, 2011 1 Comments crikeywebs by Administrator

All internet business owners are seeking the illusive secrets for how to make a website sell more yet there are no big hidden tricks that will make the difference between no sales and a roaring success. It is often the little changes that you do that can make the big difference. Just remember, it is important to make just one change at a time, and then monitor the results.

This very important factor of ensuring that only one change is made at a time is crucial in order to measure your results. When prospects land on a web page the conversion rate from prospect to customer should be monitored on a regular basis. No website sales letter should ever be left unaltered forever. Keep monitoring it and implement a program of measured changes.

So what are the things can can be done over a period of time? Firstly, and this may appear a little obvious at first, tell the prospect to buy what ever is being offered. That is right, you have to tell them to take the action that you want, don't assume that when they have read the sales letter they will immediately buy. Tell them! In addition to this, then tell them how to buy whether this is by credit card or can they buy via PayPal? If you think that there may be some prospects that are not hitting the buy button, why not explain to them the actual process that has to be undertaken to make a purchase.

Others things to do for how to make a website sell more include ensuring that there is a special bonus offer. The particular niche market that you are involved in may well be quite competitive and therefore there is a requirement for you to over deliver. This important factor applies not only to your principle product but also all bonuses that are included. Make sure that they have an intrinsic value and could be offered and sold on their own.

Always check to ensure that all you write is entirely believable. You may have included statements that appear just too good to be true. Take out the over sales hype yet keep the emotive factor mixed in with the facts of how the product or service will help the customer. To compliment this, it is imperative to create the desire to buy by highlighting the benefits of what you are offering and the "what's in it for me?" factor. Do you include a reason for the customer to act immediately such as only a certain number of orders will be available at a certain discount price or a restricted time offer?

Another idea for how to make a website sell more to is to repeat in the sales copy that your product or service is a bargain and compare it with whatever else is available and show that by buying from you, the customer will be getting a real bargain that is not available elsewhere. People love bargains and if you can demonstrate that they will get a quality product at a bargain price to solve the very problem they face, then you will be onto a winner.

As you can see, there are many ideas to implement for how to make a website sell more. If you have done the necessary research work, found a market and are supplying exactly what the niche market is seeking, then by making these changes to your website sales copy you can have every chance to enjoy increases in your sales figures.