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Crikey Webs is a web design and development company that aims to keep its services flexible, in order to stay in touch with the latest trends on the market. Crikey Webs provides professional web design and development solutions that are best fit to achieve your goal easily.

The company's staff will every time help you to get top ranking for your business web site on the Internet. We focus our efforts to fulfill your needs by providing services that are relevant, timely and useful. Our resources are dedicated to assist you with your goals.

We endeavor to combine our talents and industry experience into a viable solution. Our competitive edge is based on providing quality services, delivered straight from the most knowledgeable people in our organization to your world. Our motivation to excel is only rivaled by our passion and can do attitude! Crikey Webs customized tailored approached ensures you are at the centre of their world!

Web Design

Web design Services

Make a great first impression web site with Crikey Webs custom web design & development services. Your website is not a piece of art; it is a marketing tool. We pride ourselves in carefully planning the initial solution to facilitate future development and expansion, providing you the flexibility to integrate new technology and features at your own speed.

Mobile Web Design
If your website is not compatible with mobile phones, you are missing out on potential traffic to your site. Crikey Webs can develop a custom Mobile Web Design that matches your existing website so your users have a seamless experience while browsing your website.

Web Site Redesign Service
If your website looks bad, has broken links and missing pictures it may be the right time to use our Website Redesign Services. Crikey Webs can redesign and give your website a modern look.

E-Commerce Services
The best time to invest in an online shop is now. At Crikey Webs we will assess your needs and work out an E-commerce solution to suit your company and your budget.

Hosting Solutions
You will be provided with a unique domain name(s) of your choice and will establish your organisation's presence on the World Wide Web with a choice of domains such as .com, .net, .org , .biz, .info, .mobi , .us , .cc, .bz, .tv, .vg, .ws .name,,,, .de, .eu, .be, .cn,,,, .cn, .tw,,, .at,,,,, .gs, .tc, .ms, .fm, .am, .la,,,,, amongst others.

Logo Design/Brochure Design/Newsletter Design
Crikey Webs is a full-service graphic design company offering creative, professional and affordable website design and branding. Our professional experience ensures that you get the right image and a higher return on your investment.

Business Card Design

If you're looking for a great professional business card design, you've come to the right place. Crikey Webs has helped individuals and companies to benefit from great business card designs. Buyers from over 80 countries have purchased custom graphic design and custom business card designs on Crikey Webs.

Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization SEO/SEM

This ensures that your website is easily found through a search engine resulting in more visits and users. This refers to improvement of the functionality of the web site in terms of search engine accessibility (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc). Through the use of specific keywords, phrases, links etc embedded inside the web application and through quality referrals, your website is advertised more efficiently over the World Wide Web.

Social Media Optimization
Social media marketing is the process of promoting your site or business through social media channels and it is a powerful strategy that will provide you with attention and massive amounts of traffic. Crikey Webs can promote your website for more ROI.

Brand name building
Building brand name is one of the most important aspects to business now. brand is a name attached to a product or service. And, it's as much about human behavior as anything else because brand names also represent the intangible, a set of perceptions and feelings about a product or service, or even a set of values. Building a brand name is one of the most important marketing tools for business.

Video Marketing
Simply integrating video marketing method to your campaign, it will help to promote your business, product or services to many people. Live testimonials from customers as well as videos of the event are becoming increasingly popular. Now many successful companies try to take advantage of rich media content in their marketing efforts.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing is the process of increasing the online presence and Search Engine ranking of any Websites. If you require guaranteed returns from online marketing then join us.

Email Marketing
Email marketing helps you keep customers and prospects coming back. Our attractive, professional-looking email marketing section will help you.

Applications Development

Our team of software developers is experts in the very latest technologies such as java, Net, php and open source technologies. They have the skills and know-how to create software applications that will help you work more effectively

Android applications development
Crikey webs was among the early starters in the field of Android development and we have best Android development teams who can understand customer requirement easily. Our Android applications developers have many years of experience in the development of mobile applications and are well aware of all the tools required android.

iOS applications Development
If you looking for iPhone and iPad apps development team, now the best time to get started with industry expert professional team. There are many different kinds of apps we are developing. .

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